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Marine Pacaut Lutherie


The guitars I build are unique pieces which will never be reproduced.

I work closely with you, the musician, to craft 'sur-mesure' the sound you want to get. And only a truly unique instrument can be  perfect for the unique musician you are. 

You will not see a price list for custom instruments here, as every aspect of the guitar is entirely up to you, the price will then vary depending on the multiple variations

My guitar collections

Click on the images to view the guitars in each collection

Ocean Collection

guitare jazz Marine Pacaut Lutherie Toulouse

Speakeasy Collection

maine pacaut lutherie luthier toulouse basse

Cuba Collection

Forest Collection

Coming Soon
Dream Collection

The instruments


The jazz guitars

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marine pacaut lutherie
guitare jazz marine pacaut lutherie toulouse
marine pacaut lutherie tulouse guitare

The Electric Guitars

Acoustic guitars

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Cigar Box Guitars

The idea came originally from my father, former smoker, who kept dozens of beautiful boxes.

He gave me a magazine in which I saw a picture of a cigar box guitar.

My father immediately thought it could be a good idea to use his boxes that way.

I did not have a workshop at that time, so the project stayed idle for several years

As soon as I got into University and had access to a workshop, I started making these.

I use maple for the neck and the head. I make my own inlays on the head, I like to know they are completely unique, it is a sort of signature.

The instruments

The Cigar Box Guitars
Marine Pacaut luthier


Marine Pacaut luthier

The Bass guitars

Marine Pacaut luthier
Marine Pacaut luthier
Marine Pacaut luthier

The body is made of walnut, the neck and head are in curly maple.

The fretboard is in rosewood.


I inlayed walnut on the head to remind the colour of the body.

This inlay is a sort of signature as I used the same design on my first instrument (see article about the ukulele below)


This is a 5-string bass guitar, meaning the neck is much wider than normal basses.



THE Travel Guitar

Marine Pacaut luthier

I made this ukulele in 2011, and it was my very first step in the world of instrument making.

At the time I did not have the correct tools, and no machinery whatsoever. 

Completing this instrument was challenging in these conditions, but all the more rewarding!

Body and neck: mahogany

head plate and fretboard: rosewood

Inlays: mother-of-pearl and Turquoise

THE Ukuleles

Marine Pacaut luthier
Marine Pacaut luthier
Marine Pacaut luthier
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