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guitare marine pacaut lutherie

Marine Pacaut Lutherie

Marine Pacaut luthier

Marine Pacaut - Toki Sewi Telo Suli

Song written in a hybrid language called toki pona. This language consists of solely 100 words, and is based on the Buddhist philosophy of saying less to express more.

Marine Pacaut - Strano Giorno

Photographer : Martina Osochovska 2015

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my guitar
'the bug' 

New Album released online

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Open Mic @ The Castle,

every last Friday of each month

Marine Pacaut luthier

Once Upon A Mic is your monthly rendez-vous with new artists from different horizons. Spoken word artists, musicians, bands, comedians, dancers... Enter our world and discover new genres, new ideas and innovative music, full of magic and passion.
From all around the world, artists come to our open mic to express themselves, share their passion, and create all together this dream that is Once Upon A Mic.

If you are a musician and would like to perform, please contact the organisers with a sample of your music and contact details. As it is a monthly event, we always have room for new musicians, professional, or amateur. If you have never performed, don't worry ! It is a very friendly and casual atmosphere, and you probably won't be the only one.
It is a great occasion for musicians to meet each other, start collaborating, and share their music. Spoken word artists and comedians are encouraged to participate, perform and share ideas.

For guests : 3£
Free for performers

Bring your friends and family, and write the story of Once Upon A Mic with us
See you soon
Horacio & Marine

Marine Pacaut luthier
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