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Marine   Pacaut   Lutherie

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marine pacaut

Truly unique 

The guitars that I build are unique pieces which will never be reproduced.

I work closely with you - the musician - to craft the sound you want to get.

Marine Pacaut, Photo by Abela, 2022

Craft your own dream instrument

​​Have you ever felt like you wanted to craft your own instrument, truly customized, personal and unique? ​

Have you ever pictured yourself in a relaxed little workshop, surrounded by a sweet scent of mahogany, working meticulously with hand tools on a beautiful guitar?

Get it fixed

I setup, repair and restore your instruments, old and new. Get a free quote.
Most common repairs: buzzing strings, new nut or saddle, broken headstock, lifting bridge, lifting brace, cracks in the wood, dented frets...

Marine Pacaut, Photo by Abela, 2022

1 Rue Louis-Joseph Gay-Lussac
31300 Toulouse, FRANCE


Phone: +33 6 45 68 72 08

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